Monday, 11 November 2013

A letter from Emma about: A Onesie

Dear Reader, 

To onesie, or not to onesie: that is the questions: 
And subsequently what today's blog post is about. 

The onesie craze gained status about two years ago, and I have always been on the borderline about whether or not to join in. Yes, I want to be warm but I don't want to look like a full grown adult in a baby grow. However, Onesie Warehouse have some lovely onesies which look great as well as keeping you soooo warm and they were kind enough to send me one to review: 

Emma + Onesie = One very happy student. 

Oh, I love it!
 With in two minutes of putting it on, I cant believe I ever doubted them or lived without one. I love this wonderful world of onesie wearing full of warmth and comfort, and this world has so many benefits. One of the biggest adjustments after moving out of student halls was the high price of heating bills, they are just so expensive. Therefore, one way to avoid putting the heating on is to wear warmer clothing, and I cannot stress just how warm onesies are. I am pretty sure that my average body temperature has increased by 5ºc  since having my onesie. Also, the warmer I am the less likely I am to turn the heating on = lots of money saving.

Onesie Warehouse sell some very reasonably priced onesies, starting from as little as £15. I have my eye on an animal dinosaur one next, yes I have been completely converted. Oh its great, and not only are they the warmest pyjamas in the world, but also they are great for chillin' around the house in.

So how about you:
To onesie, or not to onesie? 


Emma Dilemma 

P.S. Quote of the day-  "A man cannot be comfortable without his own approval."
- Mark Twain


  1. That looks lovely Em! I am also shocked at how lovely and warm they are! Libby and I are looking forward to seeing you next month, hope you and Soph are having fun.


    1. Thanks Nat, they are brilliant and so warm :). Glad you that you are enjoying yours too, looks like we have both been converted! I can't wait to see you and Libby in London next month :). xx

  2. I like that onesie, I need to get one as the weather is so cold. I've nominated you Emma for the Sunshine Award. Have a nice day and be sure to take part!

    Sunshine award girly! Click here :)

    1. Thank you for visiting and thank you for the nomination. I shall have a look, the Sunshine Award sounds brilliant :). X

  3. I believe that everyone should own a onesie. They keep you warm, you can laze about in them all day... what more do people want!! xx

    1. Me too, they are so lovely and warm :). Exactly I could not agree more, they are so comfortable. X