Friday, 21 February 2014

The Holiday Bid Game

Dear Reader, 

Many of us (me included) want to travel or even have a holiday every now and then, but unfortunately due to money circumstances this isn't always possible. However, today's post is about The Holiday Bid Game which provides you with the opportunity to win a holiday or other lovely gifts with the lowest unique bid! This website is great for students (although we often love travelling we rarely have the money to do so) and anyone who likes holidays for that matter. 

Often sites that promote winning a holiday are not very trust worthy and the 'winner' can be exploited and be ripped off, but this company could not be anymore different. My sister is the commercial director for The Holiday Bid Game (some of you may recognise her in reference to her Plutonium Sox blog which I sometimes talk about, she is after all the one who got me into blogging) so I can confirm this site is more than genuine and the previous winners can do the same! 

How to play: 

For a chance to win a holiday you have to bid on one of the holidays up for grabs on the site. Bid packs start as low as £5, and you can get 6 bids for this price. You then have to make an attempt at the lowest unique bid for this auction. When the auction closes, if your bid is the lowest unique one then you win the holiday. Previous winners have won trips to Thailand (for 93p) and France (for 16p). Current auctions on the site include a week for two in the South of France, and a week in New Quay for SEVEN of your friends/family, how cool would that be as a post exam treat?

South of France for two?
Cottage in New Quay for seven?
What's brilliant about this company is that 10% of any profits that they make go to Maternity Worldwide, this is one of my favourite charities. Maternity Worldwide work hard to save lives in childbirth in parts of the world where dying in giving birth and pregnancy is likely but can be easily prevented. The Holiday Bid Game also run charity auctions where all the profits go to Maternity Worldwide and are currently running a recipe book auction. 

And it's not just holidays! There are currently some mini auctions on some lovely handmade products made by Meebee Designs, who has created exclusive beautiful handcrafted luggage tags and a passport covers which can be won in the mini auctions. And with a maximum of 50 bids allowed on the small auctions,  the odd of winning are ever in your favour! 

So good luck and remember you've got to be in it to win it!


Emma Dilemma 

P.S. Quote of the day- " Not all dreamers are winners, but all winners are dreamers."
- Mark Gorman 


  1. Thanks very much for your post Emma, it would be great if some of your readers won some of our amazing prizes.xx

    1. You're welcome, I think that as many people as possible should know about this great auction game, it's such a good way to win a holiday!