Tuesday, 30 July 2013

A letter from Emma about: The Bucket List

Dear Reader,

Ever since I saw The Bucket List with Jack Nicholson and Morgan Freeman, I have been meaning to get round to writing one for myself. At the moment the people at moneysupermarket have a Bucket List competition, so I thought it was the perfect opportunity to finally get around to writing one.

1). Hot Air Balloon
Always wanted to do this, always. However, due to being a student it's something that I cannot afford at the moment. Although Wicker World Balloon flights (who are based near my home town) offer flights for £135, so hopefully this is something that I can do in the not to distant future!

2) Northern Lights (extravagant item)
This is the extravagant idem on my bucket list, and money has definitely prevented me from doing this. This is something I really want to do before I kick the bucket, it would just be so beautiful to see. Discover the World offer a 3-night package in winter, where you see the Northern lights but also the other picturesque sights in Iceland. I would love to see a bit of Iceland as well as the Northern Lights. Prices start from £540, extravagant (for a student) but definitely worth it.


3) Sky Dive 
I may regret putting this one here, but it's something that I have always fancied doing. I am not the most 'active' person so I think this would shock a lot of my friends and family, which is why if I do this I would like to raise as much money as possible for charity. I think I could raise a lot of money because people would be surprised but also the donations would mean that I would have to jump! I would like to raise awareness and money for mental health, due to my university course mental health is an issue which I am passionate about and would love to raise awareness of mental health. The Mental Health Foundation offer a minimum fund raise of £395 to complete one of their organised sky dives, definitely something I would like to do and a cause which I would love to help.


4) India
I have always been drawn to India's vibrant culture and as a lover of art I think it would be an amazing place to get inspiration from. Ideally, I would arrange to go around the Holi Festival in India which if often referred to as the festival of India. Traditionally people spend the day spreading and throwing coloured powder over each other. Could you imagine the photography and art work you could create from an festival like that? The festival symbolises the end of winter and celebrates the beginning of the harvest season. India would also be another extravagant item on the list.

5) A Published Illustration 
One of my earliest ambitions was to be an illustrator, from a young age I admired illustrators such as Patrick Benson and Quintin Blake and would love to one day follow in their foot steps. Although at the moment I am a long way off achieving something like this, it is still something that I would like to achieve one day.Maybe it's more of a dream than a bucket list item, but I guess that's kind of what writing a bucket list is all about; making your dreams achievable.

6) Learn to Ski
I really really want to learn to Ski, what a great skill to have! I possibly have the worst balance and co-ordination in the world, but hey I like snow and wearing warm coats. I may be an awful skier but I would love to give it a go!

7) Teach abroad
This has more to do with charity work than teaching, but I think that education is a great provider of opportunities. I feel so lucky to live in a country where education is free and so extensive, I think it would be great to share this with children who have not been as privileged as myself . It doesn't seem fair that some children get an education and others do not.

8. Rainbow cake (budget item)
Y'know those multiple layered cakes made up of different colourful sponges? Well, I have always wanted to attempt making one. This is the budget item on my list, and should cost me around £5 to make. Yes, it may seem silly, but it's something that I have always wanted to do - and I guess that's what the bucket list is all about.

9. Go to Glastonbury
Most years I see this on the television, and just want to some how be transported into the crowd. I love festivals and they don't get much better than Glastonbury, with tickets at £205 it's something that I would have to save to do. Oh I hope I one day make it there and when I do I hope it doesn't rain too much!

10. La Tomatina
At school we had had a La Tomatina poster in my french classroom, I remember spending most lessons thinking I wish I was part of the tomato throwing crowd rather than the french class! It's still something I would love to do, tickets only cost  10, but it would be great to kill two birds and also see a bit of Spain as it's something I have never done before. Oh I would love to go to Barcelona and see the works of Gaudi! With flights, accommodation and a little time in Spain it would work out at around £400+ , but it would be so worth it.

Oh, I really wanted to stop at 10 but I just can't resit this final entry.

11. Royal Academy Summer Exhibition
I would love to one day be selected for the Royal Academy Summer Exhibition, which is the largest open-submission art exhibition in the world. Although it is the largest, only a sample of work get selected, and how amazing would it be if yours did? Artist's are highly critical of their own work, and I think to make it into that exhibition would be the ultimate sign that your art work is 'alright'.

That's it. I've said enough. There is something quite therapeutic about writing a bucket list, it's nice to have a bit of direction. I recommend you give it a go! Particularly; 
KimVanessa and Girl loves vintage, I have loved reading your blogs and would love to hear about your bucket lists! You enter the competition on Money Supermarket's website. 
Happy Bucket listing.


Emma Dilemma

P.S. Quote of the day - "Every man dies. Not every man really lives."
- Braveheart 

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