Wednesday, 11 September 2013

A letter from Emma about: Stationery

Dear Reader, 

September is upon us and it's the time of year where stationery lovers have an excuse (not that they need one) to indulge in beloved stationery. It's back to Uni for me which means it's time to get my stationary fix, yipeee! Notebooks are needed for new modules and handwritten notes and as the biggest fan of handwriting I think it looks so much prettier on nice paper and written with a lovely pen :).

Anyhow, I was lucky enough to be sent some Oxford stationery from Hamelin Brands stationery supplier, which I am going to review:

It arrived in this cute package and contained: 

A notebook

No ink show-through...whoop, whoop!

"Optik Paper - Feel the difference"... oh, I certainly can. I really dislike poor- quality paper, I really like handwriting notes and it is just so much more enjoyable writing on nice paper. Also, the notebook meets Paper By Nature standards which guarantees minimal environmental impact when resourcing primary materials to make the product, so I am a happy bunny. 

A Folder

Handy blank label...nice. 

Folders/plastic wallets are great for lecture handouts. However, what' s really useful about this folder is that the blank labels are provided. I always end up making my own labels which to be honest aren't to shabby but just involve a lot of hassle and these folders provide them for me!  Anything that save me time is a good thing, I am a student after all.

And free cinema tickets!?

And the icing on the cake of this stationary is the free cinimea ticket you get with your purchases. Oxford stationery are giving free Cineworld tickets in exchange for two promotional which can be found on their products. Not many stationery brands offer free cinema tickets = result. 

So, thumbs up to Oxford books!
 All opinions are my own and I care way to much about stationery not to be honest when reviewing. These notebooks are good and so are the cinema tickets. So, I shall be stocking up on both of them!



P.S. Quote of the day - "It's the poor craftsman who blames his tools... but it's also the poor craftsman who can't tell the difference." 
-  extended by Shannon Jacobs


  1. I love your blog and I have nominated you for the Liebster award

  2. Thank you, I really enjoy your blog too :). Brilliant, I shall check it out. X

  3. God I love stationary haha! I much prefer hand written notes and can't understand why some people write on such poor quality paper, I can't physically bring myself to do it!

    The cinema ticket is such a bonus too.