Thursday, 26 September 2013

A letter from Emma about: STYLIGHT

Dear Reader, 

This week I was introduced to  the lovely STYLIGHT  which is a wonderful international fashion community bursting with style inspiration, consequently I have reviewed their site: 

STYLIGHT can be best described as an online ARGOS catalogue for fashion lovers; created by fashion lovers themselves. You can can create your own outfits using products, these products are then linked to the store in in one click you can buy someones fashion creation. As a fashion blogger I signed up to the community, however, I did not use products to create my own look (this is ok too) I created it from my previous blog post outfits.

So Let's give this a go...

This is the Emma Dilemma profile which I created, as you can see it includes the link to my blog.

Then I created a 'look' this is from my 99p blog post. Under the picture I was able to link up my blog to the look and also add a caption.

It's these 'looks' that are at the centre of STYLIGHT. 

"Each look is a member’s collage of outfit photos, products you can buy, videos & more. You can mix photos from your blog, products from shops, videos from YouTube, quotes and songs to express every aspect of your personal style in a look. "

Once your 'look' is created it is then added to the STYLIGHT database, and on the home page you can search for other 'looks' to find inspiration.  These can be searched for by using the famous # (much like twitter) so for my 99p post  it can be found with #polkadots or #charityshopfind. 

These four are outfits under #fbloggers, therefore linking a whole community and our outfit styles together.

For example this is a look under #black

I can then 'heart this' and this add the 'look' to my favourites, and what do hearts make... prizes! The more hearts you get the more likely people are to view both your outfit creation and therefore your blog.

I can then 'heart this' and this add the 'look' to my favourites, and what do hearts make... prizes! The more hearts you get the more likely people are to view both your outfit creation and therefore your blog.

 "Millions of people see this page and can directly discover your looks and your blog. "

Also, if I like someone's "look" and they have created it out of products I can then 'shop this look' for further details which give you a break down on the outfit and an option to buy each piece.

I think that this is a great way to buy products as it's almost like trying them on before you buy them, also as a reader of fashion blogs I often would love to just click on a 'buy now' button on some of the outfits that view.... STYLIGHT allows me to do this!  However,  I found some of the items on 'shop for look' a little expensive, I understand that this is high end fashion but I think it would be great if more affordable or even second hand clothing brands got involved.

Overall, as a fashion blogger I think it's a fantastic international community since it allows you to see world wide trends as well as sharing your own. It's just really useful. I also like the incorporation of twitters notorious  #. It's a language that us #fbloggers know and understand; it's not trying to make up something completely different or alien.

One problem that I did have is that it was difficult to add a profile picture, this is a work in progress. But could possibly have something to do with me and my poor technology skills?! However, I found the rest of the site easy to  navigate and use, and I shall be going back for more.
All in all I defiantly think that this site has potential and I shall be working on updating and improving my profile.

What do you lovely readers think, have you ever posted a 'look' on STYLIGHT?


Emma Dilemma

P.S. Quote of the day- " Fashion is what you buy, style is what you do with it."
- Anonymous


  1. Great review Em :) I can't imagine using the site myself but for people who are into fashion it sounds like a great way to find out what trends are out there at the moment. How is your new laptop going? I'd be really interested to see a review of that on your blog.xx

    1. Thanks Nat :). Yes I agree, I thinks it's great for fashion bloggers and it is really easy to use too which is always a bonus! That is an idea, I am still getting used to it but it's a huge improvement from the last one... it's just so much quicker to use. Watch this space :).


  2. They got in contact with me, but Im not sure if I would use it! Maybe I should give it a go!

  3. great post i love your blog :)
    it would mean so much if you could check out my blog, as im new to the blogging world and would love some feedback if you ever have the time!

    thankyou!!! xxx

    1. Thank you, of course I will check out your blog! I'm looking forward to reading it.