Thursday, 6 June 2013

A letter from Emma about: Moreton-in-Marsh

Dear Reader,

This morning I returned an item I had brought online. When it originally arrived I tried it on and didn't like it as much as I had on screen, it was ok...but I was just a bit indecisive about it. So to help me make up my mind, I decided I'd return it but buy something else with the £20 it cost me. Then idea sprang to my mind: I could see what I could buy from charity shops for the same value of money.

Challenge accepted.

The morning didn't get off to a great start, I didn't seem to be achieving very much. I went into a few charity shops but there was nothing that I really liked. Myself and my younger sister have a philosophy when shopping; if you like something leave it, and if you love something buy it! Consequently there was nothing which I loved. Feeling unmotivated I re-fuelled with tea, and then headed to the next charity shop. This shop was called Break, which is a charity which donates it profits to supporting children, young people and families throughout East Anglia. It helps, children and young people with disabilities, young people in care, and families requiring support. A lovely charity, and in their charity shop I found some gems.

Firstly a cardigan: 

Cardigan £4.50

I loved this! I really liked the buttons and the crochet detail. A tip when looking for clothes in charity shops is to look at items in different sizes. This cardigan is size 16 however, it fits perfectly for a baggy cardigan look. If you do not look at other sizes then you miss out on some great items.

My second find was a burgundy coloured velvet top, velvet is on-trend at the moment. I have been wanting to purchase an item of velvet clothing for a while but they have all been too expensive. The top I found was in burgundy which is also currently fashionable and a really flattering colour to wear. 

Top £3.25

Another tip I would suggest is to always try items on and majority of charity shops are fitted with a changing room. Though, charity shops sell items cheaper than high street stores it is still important to try before you buy to avoid wasting money. 

The final shop I visited was Sue Ryder. This is also a great charity which donates profits to their care centres, which provided care for individuals with severe long-term needs throughout the UK. Also they work internationally providing medical care and help to individuals living in extreme poverty. The Sue Ryder store also stocks brand new art supplies and dolls house crafts which means you can buy your regular art materials and also help out a great charity at the same time.

I found a pale blue high collar shirt. Which is also on-trend at the moment and would look great worn with a collar necklace. 

Shirt £3.75

I currently adore high collar shirts and I have seen some in some very similar in high street stores but are a lot more expensive than this bargain! 

In general I am really chuffed with my purchases today and the total expenditure came to £11.50. So I have brought three items and still have £8.50 left from the £20 dress which I returned: Result. Charity shop shopping is also really rewarding because I feel that I have searched for my handpicked items. However, the best part about this whole experience is that all the money I spent went to great charities. 

So adios fellow bloggers, hopefully see you again. 


Emma Dilemma

P.S. Quote of the day- "Fashion changes, but style endures."

- Coco Chanel


  1. Fabulous, I always love your clothes. Libby and I would like to come charity shopping with you next time please? Libby might even have some birthday money that you can help her to spend :)

  2. Thank you, that sounds great. I would love to help my favourite niece out, and when she is a bit older she can borrow these clothes :). They will be even more vintage then!