Thursday, 20 June 2013

A letter from Emma about: Student night

Dear Readers,

Thursday night is student night, so it’s time for a ‘going out’ inspired blog... charity shop style (obviously). Last Thursday I was back in London and me and my flatmates made a day… and night of it by going shopping beforehand. However, we are students and have no money so it’s time to hit the charity shops!

I had already had something to wear, so we went on a search for something for my lovely flatmate Roseanna to wear. These are the gems she found...

Dress £2.99
Blazer £2.50

Both the blazer and the dress are from Geranium charity shop, which raises money for the blind. All profits go to help visually impaired people throughout London, it is great cause. The dress is originally from Topshop and cost £2.99 which had a pretty floral pattern, and the Blazer (which is great for any night out) was £2.49.  The particular store we visited in Lee Green, had amazing stock and lovely staff, and is definitely worth a visit! 

Also, Roseanna tied her hair up with a donut and used a beaded necklace to cover it up (great tip).  She used a necklace which she brought from her local Sue Ryder shop. Look out for beaded necklaces as they can make great versatile accessorises.  

 My other flatmate also wore these lovely heals, which she brought from her charity shop at home.

So, next time you and your friends go out, why not make a day of it and go charity shopping beforehand. With the increase of social media websites and picture taking on nights out, there can sometimes be pressure not to wear the same outfit twice. Although its not feasible to buy an outfit every time you go out, you can have a more varied and diverse wardrobe if you buy clothes from a charity shop, because the clothes don't cost too much in the first place. Also, you will then have a wardrobe full of 'ethical' clothes because all the money you spent on them went to a good cause.

Have a lovely weekend and hopefully see you again sometime. 


Emma Dilemma 

P.s. Quote of the day- "Fashion is capitalism's favourite child."
- Werner Sombart

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