Thursday, 8 August 2013

A letter from Emma about: Bird Feeding Safety Tips

Dear Reader,

Today's post has more of an eco-theme, as a student living in London this year I have really missed the nature and wildlife of the countryside. Anyhow, in my flat we have a small back garden and I would like to encourage a little bit of nature into the garden. Birds are a fundamental part of the food chain and help minimise plant lice without the help of horrible pesticides.

So, here is are my top tips along with my favourite bird feeders from to help encourage the pretty singing birds to south London! 





1) Daily Goodness Nugget Feeder
Squirrel resistant! As much as I love squirrel’s, this is for the birds, which is something to take into account when enticing birds into your garden. The stainless steel design means that this bird feeder does not need to be replaced anytime soon, yippee!

2) Royal Squirrel Proof Feeder
 Another Squirrel resistant one, however this one has a luxurious design. I wouldn’t say no to adding a bit of royalty to my garden this summer. Thus, leading to my next tip: style! Pick a bird feeder that's pretty, then you can enjoy it as well as the birds.

3) Royal Peanut Feeder
 This leads to my third tip, peanuts! Peanut's, literally cost peanut's so choose a bird feeder which won't burst the bank for you to refill. As a student, we love nothing more than saving money! However, when hanging a bird feeder a tip is to keep them away from fences or sheds where cats may have easy access to the birdies.

4) Royal Peanut Donut Feeder
 How cool is that design? Design aside, it is a durable design which means the pennies I spend on one will last longer. After all it is going to spent most of its life outside I want one which will outlast storms, hail, rain and very hungry birds :). Also, there are no wires, no birds will get stuck or tangled in this stylish bird feeder.

A final tip, and a reason which attracted me to all these feeders is that all of them can be hung out of reach from any predators...i.e. Cat's. The birds need to be safe when visiting the garden.

This is a sponsored post, but opinions and welfare for birds and wildlife are my own.

Hope I have helped out any bird enticing wannabes out there. 


Emma Dilemma

P.S. Quote of the day- "I value my garden more for being full of blackbirds than of cherries, and very frankly give them fruit for their songs." 

- Joseph Addison

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