Thursday, 8 August 2013

A letter from Emma about: My Top 5 Holiday Fashion Essentials

Dear Reader,

This year I was lucky enough to jet off to Madeira and Greece, so here are my tried and tested Top 5 Fashion Essentials for the summer. You guessed it, most of them are from charity shops! Well, it would be rude not too...






1) Beach Kaftan
I got this from a charity shop before I went on holiday, it cost me £4. For ages I had wanted a kaftan but could not find one that I could afford. Luckily, this one was reasonably priced, previously from Warehouse and in my size! I would recommend a Kaftan to anyone going abroad, they keep you cool when it's really hot, and they are great to throw on after you’ve had a swim.

2) Crochet Top
I brought this from St Richard's Hospice for the grand total of £3.50. This is a holiday fashion essential is because it's so versatile; you can wear it to the beach and also out to dinner. With flights charging more and more for luggage we have to unfortunately sometimes pack lighter, and this doubles up as a day time and night time pleaser. 

3) Fat Face Cardigan
Normally I cannot afford a Fat Face clothing, but once again I picked up this in a charity store. It cost me £4.50...and it's just so soft! It's a holiday essential because often in hot places the nights are cold, so a cardigan is a necessity when the sun goes down. Also, when you get home it makes a great summer cardigan. Hooray! 

4) Fat Face Cotton Shirt
This was a winter charity shop buy, if I find an item I know I will love in the summer I buy it early. Since, it only cost me around £3 it's hardly breaks the bank either. This shirt is great for aeroplane flights; it's warm enough when it's cold but also keeps you cool in the warm heat (i.e. when you get off the plane)... it lets you breath. This is an essential because it keeps me comfy when travelling, and I think looks pretty nice too. 

5) Trainers
This summer my sister encourage me to take up running, whilst I am a long way off from being the next Paula Radcliffe it's a great way to keep fit without the costly gym fees. When on holiday I would recommend bringing a pair of trainers’ for running, when the evenings (or even mornings) are nice and cool. Going for a run is a great way to explore the area you are staying in, plus when you get home you feel relaxed and vitalised rather than sluggish.
Strangely enough I have never brought shoes from a charity shop, so I can't blog about any that I own.  However, here is a link to a website which sells pretty cool trainers

So there are my Top 5 Holiday Tips! This was a sponsored blog post, but all opinions, charity shop items and summer time tips are my own.

Also, I have only just noticed the excessive amount of beige and white in my wardrobe?! I think it's time to head to the charity shops and find some colour!


Emma Dilemma

P.S, Quote of the day - "Summer's lease hath all too short a date."
- William Shakespeare


  1. Oh goodness, I am so pleased to find your blog - a fellow charity shop rummager! That Fat Face cardigan is such a bargain too, it looks in really good condition! Do you ever upcycle/alter your charity shop finds too? I need some good tutorials too inspire me!
    Celia @

    1. Thank you, that is so lovely to hear. No altering at the moment, I have altered a few dresses over the years but nothing serious! It is definitely something I would love to get into- a tutorial sounds great, I will check it out :)

  2. I love white shirts for travelling in and that crochet top is lovely!

    1. Thank you for taking the time to comment, I could not agree more white shirts are amazing for travelling a definite essential. Thank you, I just love crochet! xx

  3. that crochet top is so cute. I'm on the look out for one to wear to Leeds fest :)


  4. Thank you, I am really pleased with it. Wow, Leeds festival sounds exciting, I would love to go there one year! This week I am doing a post about my charity shop finds for festivals, so hopefully you will enjoy that :)